Testing and Tagging is the process by which a competent technician checks your equipment to ensure that it is not damaged and is safe for use. The technician may use their Portable Appliance Tester (PAT) to check the insulation, earthing and polarity of the items to confirm they do not have any electrical faults. Only then, our team will tag your equipment to certify that it is compliant with Australian Work, Health and Safety regulations.

All employers are required under Australian Work, Health and Safety legislation to ensure that employees have a safe place of work. It is your duty of care to mitigate any potential risks of harm to your employees and will be held liable for any breach of this duty. Our technicians will work to ensure your workplaces are compliant with WHS legislation and are safe for all employees.

For most work environments, it is a requirement by law to have your electrical equipment tested and tagged at least every 12 months

For warehouses, factories and production, it is a requirement to have your equipment tested and tagged at least every 6 months. 

For building, construction and demolition work, it is a requirement to have your equipment test and tagged at least every 3 months. 

Our team will assist you along the process and advise which is most suitable for your workplace. Please contact us on 1300 029 188 or email us at [email protected] for more information and tailored advice. 

Our team will accurately and respectfully identify which appliances in your workplace need to be tested and tagged. In general, all equipment that has a flexible cable and has a removable plug must be tested. This includes extension leads, power boards, portable RCDs, adapters, etc. 

Note: New equipment does not need to be tested but is still required to be visually inspected and tagged.

Occasionally items will fail our inspection and will be required to be withdrawn from service. Our team will take responsibility to report the defective item, label it correctly and notify you of the issues. Depending on the type of item and/or damage, we may be able to provide repairs to fix the problem.